Beautiful Knitting Stitch Pattern

Learn how to knit this beautiful and extraordinary stitch using a free knitting pattern with the step by step video tutorial. This knitting stitch pattern is one of those unusual and intricate techniques that made me very excited. To be honest, I’ve worked on many crochet and knitting stitch patterns and this alluring stitch is definitely the most exceptional one of them.


Mastering some new knitting stitch techniques is always a very important and enjoyable process. Learning some useful tips and tricks will improve your skills, increase imagination and open new doors for you in an amazing and fascinating world of knitting.

You’ll be able to work on some of the most beautiful and challenging knitting projects you could only dream about. That’s why today, I’ve decided to share with you this amazing stitch pattern.


These twisted cables will create an elegant and adorable look for many different kinds of projects. This stitch itself is simply ten stitches in the middle of a knitted square shape. You can get really creative with this pattern, easily knitting up blankets, scarves, hats, slippers and many other similar projects.

So, here is a link to the free knitting pattern in Russian and English languages. Follow the simple directions and learn how to knit this lovely stitch in the best possible way.

Enjoy yourself and don’t forget to share your experience and ideas with us in a comment section below.

Link to the knitting pattern…

Knitting Stitch Pattern