How To Crochet Mitered Daisy Square

Learn how to crochet this pretty and colorful mitered daisy square with these beginner friendly free crochet instructions. Just get together your yarn and hooks, follow the tutorials and make these cheerful daisy squares in the best possible way!

Crochet mitered daisy square or daisy in the corner granny square is one of the most beautiful and quite easy to work up pattern even for those who have just gained the basic crochet skills. It’s fun and does not require much of your time and yarn.


Even some absolute beginners who barely notice the difference between knitting and crochet can easily recognize a granny square. In fact, it’s one of the most popular and iconic motifs in crochet. Crochet square patterns come in thousands of different designs. Some of them require basic crochet skills while some are more complex and complicated.

Crochet granny square can be used alone or in sets to create everything from simple buntings and dishcloths to huge blankets. You can change the color layout and create an entirely different project. There are no limits for crochet squares, it’s all about your creativity and imagination.

The best part about the mitered daisy square pattern is that it uses simple crochet stitches and techniques. Most of the granny squares are worked from the center and various elements are as usual concentrated in the center as well. However, our today’s project has completely different and extraordinary design. That’s why it is called daisy in the corner square and that’s what makes it such an unique pattern.

So, let’s get down to business and learn how to crochet this gorgeous mitered daisy square. Follow the tutorial link below and enjoy your crocheting!

Tutorial By Creative Grandma

Tutorial By Damla Hobi