How To Crochet Openwork Ripple Stitch

This striking crochet openwork ripple stitch pattern is a perfect technique for creating some of the most elegant and impressive blankets or shawls. It’s very fun and easy pattern to make, even for some absolute beginners. If you want your next project to have a modern, stylish look, then this stitch is just a perfect choice for you!

Crochet stitch patterns have a key role in creating all kinds of different projects. As a crocheter, you probably know how important and enjoyable it is to learn some new crochet techniques. The best thing about stitch patterns is that after you learn the basic crochet stitches, you can form all kinds of decorative stitch patterns on your own.

Most of the crochet stitches are created for specific projects. Some are great for making blankets, while some are just perfect for hats, scarves and etc. However, this elegant stitch is going to give a stunning look to any crochet project you will decide to make, especially blankets and shawls.

I’ve worked on many crochet stitch patterns and tutorials, but this openwork ripple stitch pattern is without any doubt one of the most impressive and useful techniques I’ve ever mastered.

So, if you want to learn how to crochet this lovely stitch, here is everything you will need. Just follow this free, step by step crochet tutorial and impress everyone with your new crochet skills.

Learn how to crochet this beautiful openwork ripple stitch in the best possible way. Here is a fresh new crochet pattern with the step by step video instructions. Enjoy!

Openwork Ripple Stitch