Crochet Rose Flower Square Blanket

Learn how to crochet this beautiful rose flower square blanket using a beginner friendly, free crochet tutorial and written instructions. We will be making rose flower squares and then joining them together to create this amazing blanket.

The granny square is one of the most iconic motifs in crochet. Even some absolute beginners who barely see the difference between knitting and crochet can easily recognize a granny square. In fact, it is one of the first things we practice as we start learning how to crochet.

There is no doubt granny squares have a key role in crochet but there are many different ways to transform and tweak the basic crochet square. You can use color changing, different stitch techniques, appliques and of course, various pretty and colorful flowers.

This is exactly what I’m going to show you in these step by step crochet tutorials. Today, we will be making this adorable rose flower square blanket in the easiest possible was so almost everyone could work it up.

I’ve seen many crochet flower square patterns but none of them (except the Victorian Lattice Square) have been such beautiful and simple at the same time. With this eight-petal rose flower, the basic granny square becomes something entirely special.

So, if you want to crochet probably the most eye-catching rose flower square blanket, just follow these beginner-friendly crochet tutorials with written instructions.

This is a fresh new, beginner-friendly crochet tutorial with written instructions. Learn how to crochet and join these beautiful rose flower squares together. Enjoy!

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