Crochet or Knit Poppy Flowers

Learn how to knit or crochet these cute little Poppy flowers. There are many simple ways to make pretty flowers and we’ve already shared with you some of the best free patterns and tutorials. Now, it’s time to move on and learn how to crochet or knit these lovely Poppy flowers in the easiest ways.

While flower patterns are certainly perfect for springtime crafting, there are flowers that can be used all year long. Handmade flowers are just perfect for a diverse array of projects. They can be used as appliques on almost everything including hats, scarves, blankets, shoes and etc.

That is why I’ve always enjoyed making different kind of knitted and crochet flowers and I’m sure this project won’t be an exception as well. So, if you would like to learn some new crochet techniques, here are step by step crochet and knitting tutorials you can follow.

Hope you’ll love these poppies as much as I do. Please, enjoy your crafting and do not forget to share your experience and ideas with us in a comment section below.

Here are the free crochet and knitting tutorials on how to make this beautiful poppy flower. Just follow the step by step guidelines and enjoy your crafting. Good luck.

Click here to show poppy tutorial

Crochet Tutorial:

Knitting Tutorial:

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