Toy Box Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This beautiful Toy Box Baby Blanket is just a perfect project for some beginner crocheters. It’s always a trouble dealing with changing colours and as you can see, the yarn has very long stripes of one colour before switching to another. So if you do not mind the random look of where the colour changes, you can blaze through the ball and let the yarn change the colour on it’s own.

I have always had a passion for crochet blankets and always enjoyed making them using all kind of different stitches. However, I think this box stitch is one of my all time favourite blanket stitches. It makes such beautiful texture and is just perfect for a pretty and colorful baby blanket.

So, if you would like to learn how to crochet this toy box baby blanket, just follow the step by step video tutorials and a free crochet pattern in PDF format. I’m sure you’ll totally love this gorgeous baby blanket.

Please, enjoy yourself and always feel free to share your experience with us and other crafting lovers in a comment section below. Good luck and happy crocheting.

This toy box baby blanket takes 3 hours or less for some experienced crocheters. So, don’t waste your time and let’s get down to the business.

Toy Box Baby Blanket – Follow the step by step tutorial here

Toy Box Baby Blanket – Link to the free PDF pattern is here