Crochet Granny Square Dishcloth

If you have a desire to add charm to your kitchen then this alluring granny square crochet dishcloth is simply perfect for you. As you already know dishcloths aren’t just used for cleaning anymore, because they are also used as fun decor.

So, you can make your very own home decor and kitchen items using this quick and easy crochet pattern. Just follow the step by step directions and you’ll be able to crochet these kind of granny square dishcloths for yourself and for anyone dear to your heart.

You can also make them smaller or larger either by changing to a smaller / larger hook or by adding / removing rows. The pattern is easy enough that you should be able to make either of those changes without any difficulties.Good luck and happy crocheting.

Link to the complete pattern is down below.

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Today we have a quick and easy pattern for you guys by Miss Abigail’s Hope Chest on – how to crochet granny square dishcloth. Just follow the step by step instructions and enjoy your crocheting time.

Link to the complete pattern is here