Crochet Tapestry Mini Backpack Purse

We have already presented you some easy and helpful tutorials on how to make mini backpack purses. We hope you loved them as much as we do and now, it’s time to move on and test our crocheting skills in tapestry. This is one of the cutest models of mini handmade backpacks I have ever seen and to be honest, I have seen a lot of them. Just look at these cuties, they are gorgeous indeed. yes they are, even my 16 years old daughter was amazed when she found this project, keep asking me to make it as soon as it’s possible So, if you have a desire of learing how to crochet these kind of lovely mini backpacks, this is probably the best opportunity for you. Just follow the step by step instructions and try to make every single stitch according to the guidance. Please enjoy your crafting and do not forget to share your experience with others. Good luck and happy hooking.

Click here to show backpack tutorial

Source: MaryJ Handmade