Crochet Leather Sole Booties

This appears to be a perfect project for those knitting and crochet lovers who enjoy making baby accessories, especially booties. These worm and cute baby booties on leather soles are going to be a guarantee of your children’s comfort in every season and any weather condition. In addition, this is a very easy and simple techniques and there is no doubt you can handle it without any problems. So, if you find these lovely booties useful enough to start lerning how to make them, you will just need to watch a video tutorial with the step by step instructions and try to make every single stitch according to the directions. Our friendly blog wishes a best of luck to you with this exciting and alluring project. Please, enjoy your crafting time and do not forget that you can always share your opinion and ideas with us and other people in a comment section below. Happy hooking.

Click here to show tutorial