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Crochet Diagonal Embossed Box Stitch

Diagonal embossed box stitch is a new crochet stitch pattern that creates some of the most beautifully textured blankets. This stitch was designed specifically for making crochet afghans and blankets however, you can use it in a diverse array of projects. It’s all about your imagination and creativity. Stitch patterns have always had a key […]

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Crochet Star Stitch Wallet or Pouch

This is a free star stitch crochet wallet pattern with step by step video tutorial. Star stitch itself is one of the most beautiful and eye-catching crochet stitches and I’m sure most of you have already mastered this technique. There are very few crochet stitch patterns that would make and be perfectly matched with many […]

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Free Bucket Hat Crochet Pattern

If you want to crochet a pretty and elegant sun hat, this free bucket hat crochet pattern is just a perfect one for you. Beginner friendly pattern comes with step by step video tutorial and written instructions so you could stitch it up without any difficulties. There’s no necessity explaining how useful and important sun […]

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