How To Knit Easy Ladies Slippers/Boots/Socks

Knitted slippers, boots or socks are one of the easiest projects to make. Once you’ve learnt the knitting basics, you can easily work up some warm and comfortable boots, socks or slippers anytime.

There are several different ways of knitting slippers. Some slipper patterns are simple and easy to work up while, some are more complicated and require much more time.

Today, I’ve brought to you a fresh new design of knitted slippers that is quite easy to stitch up and do not require much yarn. It will just take about an hours or less.

I’m almost sure these ladies knitting slippers will be your latest obsession.

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Choosing the right yarn colors, these slipper boots would make a fantastic gift for winter season and Christmas particularly.

This knitting tutorial is in Turkish language with English subtitles. You can write out the pattern or just follow the video.

Link to the knitting tutorial…

How To Knit Ladies Boots/Socks/Slippers