Super Soft Cozy Slippers Free Knitting Pattern

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Make these super soft cozy slippers using a free knitting pattern in English and Russian languages. This is a great pattern whether you want to make some pretty and alluring or warm and comfortable slippers.

Slipper patterns are the perfect little projects for the holiday season and can easily be tailored to any person’s personal style. As usual, they work up very fast and do not require much yarn.

Crochet or knitted slipper patterns come in both easy and complex designs, offering something new for each and every crafter. That’s why I’ve always loved working on all kinds of different slippers.

To be honest, It has been a while since I made my last One Hour Slippers but this pattern is too cute to ignore and I’m definitely going for it! Hope you will join me and love these super soft cozy slippers as much as I do.

These free slipper patterns are great for anyone that loves to knit and wants to try something new. So, if you want to make some cute and cozy house flippers, you can’t go wrong with these free knitting patterns.

Follow the free knitting pattern in English and Russian languages and learn how to make these super soft wool cable slippers. Enjoy!

Link to the free pattern…

Wool Cable Slippers

Here is a free knitting pattern for these soft and cute house slippers with border. Just follow the pattern link below and enjoy your knitting.

Link to the free pattern…

Slippers With Border

9 Responses

  1. Sally says:

    Where is the English directions

  2. Madeleine Lindsay says:

    I cannot figure out how to print these free patterns. Could you please either explain, or perhaps send the patterns to me? Much appreciated. They are both beautiful.

  3. Ana says:

    Love those slippers! I have a large basket full of sport weight wool yarn. This will be my project for today.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Joanna says:

    Can’t read the pattern as it’s in a foreign language

  5. Annie says:

    It tells you what kind of yarn but doesn’t tell you how much

  6. Deb Kelson says:

    How do I download slipper/sock patterns?

  7. Anne says:

    To whom it concerns. I would like the pattern for the cable slippers but the link is in Russian. How do you get English version

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