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DIY Macrame Tote Beach Bag

Learn how to make this beautiful macrame tote beach bag using the step by step DIY tutorials. This project is very easy and simple but it requires some of your precious time and patience.

Spring is still upon us and the warm weather is only going to get nicer and sunnier from here for the next three or four months. This makes me feel really happy because I’m a huge fan of beach days.

I can’t think of a better way to spend Summer days than relaxing on a beach with friends and family members or spending time outdoors with yummy food, and a stress-free atmosphere, surrounded by plenty of green spaces.

These are the most amazing days indeed and that’s when you need some pretty and useful tote handbag. For me, personally, a comfortable bag makes everything just much more enjoyable.

That’s why today I have decided to bring you this easy to follow, step by step DIY tutorial on how to make Macrame tote beach bag in the easiest possible way. Hope you will enjoy each and every minute of your crafting time.

This project is very easy and simple but it requires patience. There will be a lot of knots to tie. It is worth to spend your time and DIY this lovely practical macrame tote bag. Enjoy!