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How To Make a Sock Snowman

Christmas decorations can get expensive, especially if you like to go all out for the holidays. That’s why we love being able to make some of our own decorations for the winter and that’s why today we will be showing you how to DIY this cute sock snowman in the easiest way. This is a very fast and simple tutorial that minutely explain each and every step of creating some of the cutest handmade snowman ever. Just get together your supplies and follow the video instructions. Even better if you can use what you have and get the kids involved.

Enjoy your crafting time and don’t forget to share your experience with us and other DIY lovers. Follow our easy sock snowman sutorial and see how easily you can make your own in just a few minutes.

Do not throw your old socks away! Upcycle them to create this lovely and funny, little Sock Snowman to cheer you up this winter. Good luck and happy crafting.


One, frotte sock
Scrap fabric


Super Glue

Click here to show snowman tutorial

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