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10 Christmas Ornament Patterns For Beginners

Christmas is coming up, and fast. In just about seven weeks it will already be a big day. So, we’ve decided to cheer you up with some of the cutest and simplest Christmas ornament patterns for beginners. This is a collection of the 10 best knitted and crocheted Christmas ornaments. As you can see each of these cute little projects are quite easy to work up even for some absolute beginners. All you will need is to get together your supplies, follow the step by step guidelines and make at least one of these adorable Christmas ornaments for yourself or for anyone dear to your heart.

Hope you’ll love and enjoy every single minute of your crafting time and of course, do not forget to share your experience with us in a comment section below. So. here are the 10 Christmas ornament patterns for beginners. Good luck and happy holidays.

#1. Candy Cane Ornament

What Christmas tree is complete without a candy cane? The perfect red and clear white hues come together to make a classic candy cane. Follow the complete knitting pattern here

#2. Crochet Bell Ornament

As you already know, bells have always been a part of midcentury holiday decorations, however you don’t seen them all that often these days. I think bells make awesome holiday decor and there is no way I’m not making them for this Christmas. Follow the complete crochet pattern here

#3. Festive Candy Ornament

This might be the cutest Christmas candy ornament you’ve ever made. With these simple guidelines you’ll be able to brighten your Christmas tree with these colorful wrapped candies. Follow the complete crochet pattern here

#4. Crochet Holly Ornament

I’ve always felt that holly is a little bit underrepresented in contemporary holiday decor. Today we’ll do our best to give holly a boost by adding it to our annual ornament series. Follow the complete crochet pattern here

#5. Stocking Cap Ornament

This lovely stocking cap can easily double as a doll hat or be knit to top a bottle-shaped Christmas gift. It is one of my favorite Christmas ornaments! I would absolutely wear this colorful beanie any time had I made it human-sized. Follow the complete knitting pattern here

#6. Knit Heart Ornament

While you can of course make this pretty heart ornament in any color, I went with a nice bluish color to add some variety to my upcoming yarn-covered Christmas tree. Even if you don’t want to knit up this sweet little heart as an ornament, it easily doubles as a nice gift topper or baby toy. Follow the complete knitting pattern here

#7. Knit Star Ornament

Christmas is coming up, and fast. In just about 7 weeks, it will already be the big day. So, do not waste your time and try to make as many Christmas tree ornaments as it’s possible. This time we will be making this lovely star ornament. Follow the complete knitting pattern here

#8. Christmas Tree Ornament

This little Christmas tree is one of my most favorite of the ornaments in the series so far. Decorated with scrap yarn and simple straight pins, this little crochet ornament comes together super quick. Follow the complete crochet pattern here

#9. Snowman Ornament

This is an adorable little snowman ornament, complete with a top hat, mini scarf, and little carrot nose. The body is crocheted in a single, asymmetrical hourglass shape using white yarn, and this little dude’s accessories are made separately and sewn on to finish. Follow the complete pattern here

#10. Santa Hat Ornament

This is the last project in this Christmas ornament series. This crochet Santa hat ornament is designed with specially placed stitch increases for an adorably jaunty finished look. Who says Santa can’t have swagger? Follow the complete crochet pattern here