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Crochet Bag Free Patterns

These are some of the most elegant and eye-catching crochet bag patterns. Each of these crochet techniques are quite easy to make and I guess already familiar even for some beginner crocheters. It has always been a wonderful experience working on such beautiful and easy patterms. Also it’s a huge pleasure wearing a bag that can display a wide variety of things about your personality, like what you like to do and what your interests are.

We all know, one of the biggest fashion statements you can make is with your handbag and that’s why today, I’ve decided to share with you these fresh new crochet bag patterns. Just follow the free written instructions and as a result, you might be the first person to wear such a gorgeous handbag. Enjoy your crocheting and always feel free to share your opinion with us and other people in a comment section below. Good luck and happy crocheting.

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This lovely Rising tides bag inspired by the Bay of Fundy has truly an extraordinary and unusual design you won’t see very often. It’s very eye-catching, useful, comfortable, and quite easy to make at the same time, even for some beginner crocheters. So, follow the free pattern link below and enjoy crocheting time.

Follow the free crochet pattern here on Ravelry

This multicolored Waffle texture bag works on the principle of going back and forth in the round. It uses quite simple crochet technique and I’m sure you’ll handle it without any difficulties, expecially with this helpful video tutorial and free crochet pattern. Follow the guidelines and enjoy yourself.

More images and free pattern –

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